“I’ve worked with Jameal Williams and Musical Intelligence on several occasions! Live recordings, Live performances and in the studio and its been great each time! Great work habits with great attitude=100% satisfaction!”

Tim Clifton
Worship Leader, Songwriter


MUSICAL_INTELLIGENCE_LOGO_1Musical Intelligence is a music production company that specializes in Producing, Writing, Arranging, Teaching, and Playing Music. With our team of professionals we can give you what you are looking for and even help to create what you can’t explain. We have years of experience in the field of music both digital and traditional and are well versed in all aspects of musical technology.


  Executives 165575_10150105461734002_2045262_n-Jameal Williams is the founder /CEO of Musical Intelligence. Musician/Artist/Producer/Writer/Arranger, Mr. Williams wears a lot of hats. His vision of Musical Intelligence deems back to childhood and thru his musical growth and explorations has developed into the dream of a lifetime. Music has been a part of Jameal’s life for 30 years and has given him joy and has allowed him to take care of himself and his family. Jameal has played and performed professionally with many artists, in many genres of music. His music experience is vast and his love for music has inspired him to develop Musical Intelligence to inspire other people to pursue a serious career in music and all its forms. Jameal studied Music Education & Performance at Eastern Illinois University.  Jameal Williams was born in East Saint Louis, Illinois. USA 1981


What We Do: We are a company that produces and develops music. We specialize in all genres of music from writing and arranging to producing and composing. We have engineer’s both mixing and mastering that are some of the best in the business that work for us to give you the best quality sound that is industry standard. We have song writers and producers to help get you the sound you are looking for. We employ the best musicians and the best singers to make your project the best. We also handle marketing and developing artist and their music. When there is a need for music then we find a way to meet that need.